About Us


Ragstop is an online vintage clothing & sneaker shop based in Toronto, ON. We created Ragstop in 2019, which all started from the love and passion for vintage clothing and snapbacks since 2012. This was the year where vintage snapbacks and clothing gained exposure. Tons of collectors would gather together to share their unique pieces locally/online for their love for vintage clothing and snapbacks. Seeing unique and nostalgic pieces always excite us to this day.

When you shop at Ragstop we love seeing you experience that same nostalgic feeling. You'll find unique pieces that match your style. We hand pick and sell vintage clothing & snapbacks, sneakers, streetwear, etc from the 80s - late 00s involving brands like Nike, Starter, Jordans, etc.

Our vision is to have vintage clothing become widely available worldwide and become the new norm in fashion. By shopping at Ragstop, our consumers are more conscious about the lifecycle costs of their actions.

Be sure to follow us on Instagram @ragstop for the latest updates.

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